• Apr
    12:00:AM by Ruth Dixon
    We continue to look for places where God’s story is our story and how our story and God’s story intersects. The challenge this week is to train our ears to listen for God’s song in our lives, and remind ourselves and be thankful that God’s love is reoccurring and relentless in its pursuit of us.
    A few years ago when I was on the verge of a change in my life, I was led to tell my story to a group of people by using hymns and praise songs.  As ...
  • Apr
    12:00:AM by John Wunderlich
    A Better Story
    We talked this week about that moment in the story where everything changes – a turning point, a point of no return. Sometimes it is a dramatic event that ushers in the change in our story. Sometimes it’s something more subtle that leads us to a new path.
    Sometimes the Inciting Incident is simply the realization that we are living in a story that is less than the one that God wants for us. There can be a moment when we stop, take stock, and ask “Is ...
  • Mar
    12:00:AM by Jason Shank

    In the God Story this week, we are looking at the Inciting Incident.  It is that moment when everything changes.  When we get to that point in life when we cannot go back. 

    When we think about the Inciting Incident, I think everyone of us have had that moment in our lives.  All of us have had a time when something happens in our lives and it changes everything.  As we think back through our lives we may be thinking of an amazing moment like a life event or milestone.&

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